Vip club

27.00 / month


Get the ultimate insider’s experience

How does it work?

How does it work?

You pay a subscription of 27 euros a month. We send you two to three 2 ml samples of the newest work-in-progress. The samples will be different every month.



A tête-à-tête audience with the perfumer Tony. Interactive rendez-vous organised in person or virtually to exchange with the one and only nose of T-Perfume.

Why do it?

Why do it?

This concept benefits both parties. Firstly it’s a zero-waste initiative, making sure not a single drop of divine elixir goes to waste. Secondly it gives you an opportunity to dig deeper into the world of scents and aromas. Making it fun and interesting to figure out what your personal preferences are.

Exchanging with Tony gives you a privileged access into the magical world where scents are created. Consider it an avant-premiere of the birth of our new best-seller fragrance. Whether it’s a virtual tour around the lab or a creative session to inspire the perfumer for new aroma associations, you will not miss out on any of it, but instead have a first row experience.

Terms & Conditions of T-Perfume VIP Club service contract:

  • With the purchase of T-Perfume VIP Club the customer confirms that they have read and agree to all of the Terms & Conditions of T-Perfume VIP Club service contract.
  • VIP Club’s monthly payment will be charged every month on the date when the customer initially subscribed to the VIP Club service (e.g. when customer subscribed on 24th of November, then following payments will be charged on the 24th day of each following month). The customer’s debit/credit card will be charged a fixed amount of 27 € (euros) every month.
  • Active customers of VIP Club will be notified of any changes in content of the service or the amount of the monthly fee at least 14 days before the change takes effect.
  • The recurring payment is charged for various services and products including (but no limited to):
    – two to three sample 2 ml niche perfume samples per month,
    – free access to various private events organized by T-Perfume OÜ for VIP Club members or to a wider audience (may not be organized every month)
    – exclusive offers for only VIP Club members (e.g. possibility to buy 30 ml bottle of the niche perfumes sent with the monthly samples box)
    – invitation (free of charge) to the launch events of new T-Perfume niche perfumes.
  • T-Perfume OÜ is responsible for working with personal information. T-Perfume OÜ sends only necessary information to companies who provide us payment solutions services (Maksekeskus AS, Paypal, etc.)
  • Debit and Credit card information is always encrypted by trusted third parties during transfer over networks. T-Perfume does not collect any debit/credit card information.
  • Our payment gateway provider Maksekeskus AS is PCI DSS compliant.

Making changes in the parameters of the subscription (e.g. contact details, payment date, etc.)

  • Any changes to the parameters of the subscription can be made by contacting a representative of T-Perfume OÜ at

Cancelling the subscription

  • In order to cancel the subscription contact T-Perfume via email at
  • If the request to cancel is sent before the renewal of the subscription but a representative of T-Perfume hasn’t been quick enough to cancel the subscription, the amount will be refunded. If the request has been sent after the renewal of the subscription, T-Perfume OÜ holds the right to decide whether to refund the last monthly payment of the subscription or not.
    NB! This doesn’t apply to new subscriptions. After the first subscription payment every customer has the right to cancel the subscription within 14 days and will receive a 100% refund.