Ever felt like no ready-made perfume feels genuinely you ? T-Perfume has a solution for that. We offer 3 different kinds of scent creation experiences. Be an active part of the birthstory of YOUR scent !

1. Blind date – trust our experienced perfumer Tony to come up with a scent that reflects your personality based on the broader guidelines you give him. 

1 appointment in lab or through the internet. 10 ml

Price : 200.-

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2. Collaboration – work hand-in-hand with Tony to help choose the right path for your fragrance. Includes 1-2 meetings in our lab or through the internet, and active participation in the creative phase. 30 ml

Price : 500.-

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3. Sur-mesure unlimited – the ultimate luxurious experience of elaborating your unique perfume. Time does not exist, only sensations. Our perfumer is at your disposal for as many exchanges as necessary. We won’t stop until you tell us, this is THE ONE. This work of art comes with great dedication and patience. The result is uncomparable to anything you have ever sensed before. When it is ready, you just know. 30 ml.

Price : 1000.-

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