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Let’s be honest. Very little of us know what kind of a perfume suits best to their loved one. To know that we must have known the person forever and even then it’s difficult to pick the right perfume or the person we are making a gift to is very open-minded and just a little bit crazy (in a good way of course).

For everybody else, who don’t want to bet on sheer luck we have made a perfect gift. T-Perfume gift card!

Pick this gift card if you want to let your loved one decide by themselves which perfume they would like to wear. Trust us, this will be a gift they will never forget. And next time when you are with them and they have applied one of our perfumes, you will not regret buying them our gift card.

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T-Perfume gift card is available both physically and digitally (digital copy will always be sent to your email). With world-wide shipping available we can send the physical gift card by mail to your door step.

Note: if you order the gift card by mail, additional shipping costs will apply. If you can collect it yourself at our salon in Tallinn, then you can choose the delivery option of picking up the product yourself. In this case there will be no additional shipping costs.

NB! T-Perfume gift card can only be used in our online store (at or at our salon (address: Parda 4, Tallinn, Estonia).



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