3-in-1 Bestseller Discovery set


T-Perfume’s 3-in-1 bestseller discovery set is the ideal option to get acquainted with our niche perfumes. If you have ever felt like it is difficult to buy a perfume online or that you don’t dare to buy an entire full size bottle before trying the scent first, then give our discovery set a chance because this way you may find new and interesting scents for yourself.

In our Bestseller Discovery set you can find our most iconic perfumes – Divissima, Blanche & It’s ME (EDP)

PS We will add a 40€ gift card to every Discovery set purchase.
(NB! This gift card cannot be used to buy another Discovery set, discounted products or to join the VIP Club.)


Ordering the Discovery Set has two benefits:

  • Getting to know the perfume and yourself aka. Step by step discovery – depending on your mood and the occasion, you can choose which one of the three scents to indulge in. Your favourites may vary, so being able to alternate between different perfumes gives you the freedom of choice.
  • Layering – having three different scents in miniature versions gives you a unique opportunity to play around with them. Become your very own perfumer and feel what mix and match works best for you. Wear the perfumes at the same time and create new surprising combinations. This way you will have even more than just three perfumes.

What customers are saying about our perfumes:
“Because of Tony’s creations, other perfumes don’t deserve the name perfume for me.” – Piret R.
“Tony’s perfumes create a feeling that I would like to wear something different every day.” – Perfume Night guest
“I feel like it wants to tell me something.” – Perfume Night guest

Size: 6 ml (3 x 2 ml)